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Key Benefits

The Job Search Automation Tool it is a tool design to massively send your resumes to postings found in popular job search engines. It will increase your exposure to employers, and thus increase your chances of getting a job. The tool will save you great amounts of time as well. If before you were sending 500 resumes in a week, with Epeltech you can send more than 3000 resumes in a matter of minutes.


  • Extract contacts and send virtually thousands of resumes to targeted job postings in a matter of minutes.
  • Analyze effectively 100% of the job postings available in popular internet- based job search engines and reply to only those which meet your criteria.*
  • Target multiple job categories by using different profiles (each containing its own resume, cover letter, reply address, etc.)
  • Effectively keep track of companies you already submitted your resume to. Use our proprietary technology to prevent yourself from applying to the same company more than once or from sending your resume to an unwanted recipient.

These are only some of the advantages you will find in Epeltech. Download one of our demos to experience all the benefits of this revolutionary technology.

* Feature of Job Search Pro not available in Job Search SE.

How does it works?
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Job Search Pro
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Job Search SE
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