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Job Search
Job Search
  Search for jobs using one of the search pages of the supported job search engines you are used to, as you would normally do so on the web.  
  Extract from each of the returned results the contact info of the person who posted the ad (if any).  
  Navigate through the list of extracted emails, and view the job posting from where a particular email address was extracted from.    
  Choose from all the list of extracted emails the job postings that meet your criteria.    
  Save the list of emails (of the persons who posted the ads) into a file.*  
  Email your resume to each of the addresses in the list**  
  Manage several profiles. Each email sent will contain the resume, cover letter, etc ..., specified in the profile used for that session.  
  Manage exclusion lists. An exclusion list is a list of addresses you would not like your resume be sent to.  


* Job Search SE will save the list of all extracted emails into a file. Job Search Pro allows you to choose individual emails to save, depending on your criteria.
** Job Search SE will send your resume to all the extracted emails. Job Search Pro allows you to choose which postings you would like your resume be sent to.

Job Search Engines Supported:

Currently Epeltech supports three job search engines:

  • Monster.com
  • Hotjobs.com
  • Careerbuilder.com

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